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Hi Run Little Monkey fans!

My name is Jennifer and I am thrilled to be Run Little Monkey’s first brand ambassador. I am also a runner (who runs:walks), a foodie (ergo the running), and a lover of travel. I am really excited to share some of my running thoughts with you over the coming months, especially as we are moving into the winter running season (where I’ve set some new goals that we will discuss later)…

Today, I am prepping my bags and trying to quash my nerves as I prepare to cross the pond to join the London Royal Parks Half Marathon! I am super excited but totally nervous. See, while I’ve been running for a few years now, and I’ve completed 6 or so half-marathons, I am nursing an injury.

It’s not a new injury. It cropped up in a race in California three or so years ago. It’s a foot injury Never been too serious but just constantly sore. It came and went, and for a while, it was pretty low key. Then all of a sudden, earlier this year, it came back with a vengeance. I started seeing a physiotherapist and while it was getting less pronounced, it never got better.

I went to a new physio closer to my house and then ended up being referred to a chiropractor. And it’s better. Finally. But not healed. And I’ve not run more than 5k in about a month. And I’ve not run at all for more than two weeks.

Ergo the nerves.

BUT also all the excitement!

I am packing away and decided to pack my bib (the UK tends to mail race bibs in advance  ̶  which is awesome!  ̶  so I have it here in Canada), my running shoes, and a few running essentials in my carry-on. If my luggage gets lost, I can buy a new sports bra and pants, but my shoes must be by my side! And my bib is a no brainer.

Otherwise, I am packing some compression socks. Clothes that include two options of Run Little Monkey wear (long-sleeved and short-sleeved depending on the weather) and lots of fun clothes for all of our sight-seeing and walking after our trip. I am really excited to be doing my first overseas race (I have done a couple in the U.S., but this is across an ocean!).

Stay tuned for a race recap from the U.K., as well as upcoming posts on food, training, and how to be the happiest and healthiest you can be while still staying present in work and life. If you want to speak to me, please feel free to e-mail me at: runnerwwjenn@gmail.com.



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