Comeback kid

You can call it a comeback

Oh hi. Remember me?

I had started out as the Run Little Monkey run ambassador. I had a triumphant (though painful) finish at the London Royal Parks Half Marathon.

And then I. Didn’t. Do. Anything.

I was having lots of arch pain. Then I got scheduled for a totally unrelated surgery. Then I was mostly bedridden. Then it was April and I got the all clear to do whatever I wanted.

With one change. On top of everything, I have Fatty Liver Disease.

How does one treat not yet serious but still there Fatty Liver Disease?

You exercise. You eat healthfully. You drink green tea.

I’ll be honest here. I wanted to get back into running. The mental clarity, the sense of well-being, and the ability to eat just a little bit more in the day-to-day are all reasons why running works for me. I like the camaraderie of running in races, walking through expos, standing at the start line with folks of all shapes, colours, and sizes. I just love it.

But throw in this fatty liver nonsense. And now I am on a mission. The mission? Turn that sh*t around.

Yesterday was the day. With the Couch to 5K program loaded on my iPhone, I headed out for the first day workout. 25 minutes. 6 one-minute intervals with 6 1.5-minute walks in-between. Oh and a warm up and cool down on either end.

It wasn’t pretty. The Saturday drizzle was a constant, but I did it. And it was glorious. I felt weaker, far weaker than after any break in running in the past. But I managed to put in the time and get it done.

The time is now. My plan is to continue to run three days a week with walks on at least two of the other days. I am planning to add in some pilates at least one day a week. The key will be to move and stretch all the time. Throw in some old school Weight Watchers points (the pre-points plus plan!) and I am hoping that I am smooth sailing in no time.

So going forward, my blog posts are going to be about the comeback. The recommitment to myself. The faith that even between bad days and off weeks, my love for the ‘sport’ (and my health!) will keep me going. And I hope that you will keep me company. Share your adventures, triumphs, and tragedies with me!

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