Running through the pain (kind of)

Okay, not really running through the pain. I am not one of those “run or die” types. The pain is real. And I’ve had to dial back the running.

I started back great. One week in, feeling good. Two weeks in, feeling so-so. Start of the third week in, and not so much. I felt like my calves were going to snap in half. I couldn’t shake it out or foam roll enough to get rid of the persistent pain.

After two days of pity party and the “I’ll never run again” woes, I re-evaulated.

And I made a decision to start to re-build strength. I signed up for an eight week home training course with “The Betty Rocker.” She’s got a bunch of different work out programs, but I signed up for the 8-week Home Domination series. It’s full of workouts, upper and lower body, yoga, HIIT, and full body circuits, so you aren’t doing the same thing over and over and don’t get bored.

With a fair bit of nervousness, I started the first workout, and just over a week in, I am loving it. Really feeling the burn and can already start to feel myself getting stronger.

But I’ve not given up running. I am hoping the strength training will make the running easier, and for now, I am settling for long walks. Walks that stretch my legs and free my mind, keeping me on my feet and moving. And hopefully before too long, I can start the small climb back to running intervals.

For now, though, you’ll find me in my backyard, Aftershokz on head, working out with Betty Rocker!

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