Winter running

Must-have gear for winter running

My friends often ask me how I can run in the winter. Actually, winter is my favourite time of year for running because there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Here are some tips to help you run through the winter.

Hands – Under 5C, I start wearing gloves. When it’s not too cold yet, I’ll just wear dollar store knit gloves – they are great because the knit material provides breathability. Once it gets below -5C, I wear proper running gloves. My fingers get cold really easily though and

Bamboo monkey toque

Bamboo monkey toque

when it’s really cold, running gloves aren’t even enough so I might have to invest in some mittens this winter or double up the gloves.

Ears – Under 0C, I start wearing something to cover my ears. It could be an RLM headband or monkey toque, buff, earmuffs, or when it’s -30C, a balaclava.

Eyes – Sunglasses are a must when there is wind, freezing rain, or just to block out the sun’s glare from the snow.

Tops – I have 3 types of tops for the winter. I choose them depending on the weather conditions. I don’t always wear all 3 layers all the time so play around with what works for you. Everyone heats up differently.

  • Base-layer is to help wick the sweat off your body. This can be a fitted short-sleeve or long sleeve shirt. There’s bunch of RLM shirts to choose from!
  • Mid-layer is to keep you warm. This can be a long sleeve that can go over your base-layer. The Run Little Monkey hoodie is really good
    Winter Monkey long sleeve

    Winter Monkey long sleeve

    for this!

  • Top-layer is for wind, rain, or an extra layer of warmth when it’s really cold.

Bottoms – Legs naturally don’t need as many layers – a lot of people still run in shorts in the winter! I usually wear pants below 5C and then I double up on pants when it gets below -15C.

Shoes – I’ve tried trail running shoes for more traction in the winter but I didn’t like the ones that I had. I have Goretex waterproof running shoes so that my socks don’t get wet when there’s slush or puddles. Wet socks are the worst! Just remember to use common sense and slow down when you are running on snow and ice. When it all thaws, all that resistance training will make you speedier.

Safety – It gets dark much earlier in the winter so visibility is key. Wear as much bright or reflective clothing as you can. Noxgear is a great piece of gear that keeps you highly visible to motorists during night runs. It’s super lightweight so I often forget I even have it on. I also have a Petzl headlamp which I love. The part that goes around your head is super adjustable so you can make it as big as you need to without it squishing your head. It lights up the road ahead of me so I can see where I’m going.

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year! Hope these tips help you to enjoy winter running more!


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