How to be a poser . . . for race photos 

I love race photos. I instinctively pose whenever I see a race photographer on the course. Even if I’m dying during a race, I’ll still muster up a smile.

I love race photos so much that I have started to volunteer at races to take free race photos for others. So now I have experience both as a runner and a photographer, here are some tips for getting the best photos of  yourself on the run.

  1. Run on either side of the course. The photographers are likely on either side of the course. If you are running in the middle, especially if it’s a crowded course, either you will not see them or they will not see you.
  2. Strike a pose and hold it. When you see a photographer, strike a pose and hold it until you pass them. This will give them more time to frame the shot and maybe even get multiple shots.
  3. Try not to blink. There’s nothing worse than getting the “money shot” but your eyes are closed.
  4. Try different poses. This makes it fun and some poses might turn out better than others. A few of our favourites include arms up, victory sign, heart, flying, jumping, etc…
  5. Dress up. Dressing in something that sets you apart from the crowd makes your more noticeable. My running buddy Lisa and I have raced a few races together with matching outfits and it helps the photographers notice us more. We haven’t yet dressed up in a costume yet — that will happen for the Disney Dopey races. ?
  6. Smile. Pictures always look better when you smile!
  7. Wear your bib properly. This one seems obvious but for some reason, some people like to wear their bibs on their back. If I don’t see a bib, I’m not taking a picture. Pin your bib to the front of your shirt.
  8. Thank the photographer. Ok, this tip doesn’t help you get better photos but it sure makes me feel more appreciated when someone says thanks! ?

That’s all folks! Have fun posing at your next race!



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