Sometimes it’s hard to get your tail moving!

Some days it’s not getting yourself out there to run that’s the hard part, it’s getting through the first kilometre (or mile, if that’s how you roll!). So Kiki asked some women runners what their tricks are to get past the mental block of just getting their tails moving!

Here’s a few of the things they had to say. If you’ve got other thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

  1. Accept that the first km/mile is the hardest and remind yourself that all you need to do is start slow and steady and enjoy the run because you’ll feel great when you’re done. (Definitely the #1 with many people having a version of what Kiki likes to call the “it gets better” theory).
  2. Walk first to get loosened up.
  3. “Reminding myself that the first mile is a lie.”
  4. Have a strategically placed kick-butt song ready for when it’s time to run after your warmup.
  5. Tell yourself you can stop after the first km. You’re the boss of you! (But then you’ll actually just keep going because it starts to feel good.)
  6. Just let go of any expectations, especially of time for the first km.
  7. If you live on or by a hill, walk up and then run down to feel the wind in your hair!
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