Run for Justice 7K

RLM is proud to support access to justice with a virtual run fundraiser

Before life as Head of Monkey Business at Run Little Monkey, our company’s founder Gail Cohen spent most of her life as a journalist covering the legal profession and the justice system in Canada. As such, she had a front-row seat to some of the extreme difficulty average, and particularly low-income, Canadians have not only knowing the law and their rights but having access to justice of any kind.

When looking to launch our first Run Little Monkey fundraising virtual run, it was a no-brainer then to connect with a charity or non-profit that provided access to justice. So we have parntered with Pro Bono Ontario for the inaugural Run For Justice Virtual 7K race to raise money for PBO’s new Free Legal Advice Hotline.

Run, jog, walk, or roll! Here’s all you need to know!

What is a virtual race? A virtual race can be done anywhere. You can walk, use the treadmill, run on a road or a trail or even in another race. You can run your race at your pace wherever you like. You can split up the distance. Fun and flexible and convenient!

What it does not have: Getting up early on a weekend. Wondering if the weather will co-operate on race day. Parking problems. Crowds. Porta Potty lines. Start gun or official starting line. Scheduling conflicts. Sweepers culling the slow runners at the back.

Big benefits: There’s a groovy Kiki the monkey medal. You can run with your dog/stroller &no one can say anything about it. If you’re keen, you can do it on your lunch break. Did we mention flexibility? A great group activity to raise funds for a good cause.

PBO’s Free Legal Advice Hotline, which offers 30 minutes of free legal advice from volunteer lawyers to low-income Ontarians, has answered the call for more than 8,000 low-income Ontarians since its launch in September 2017. Powered by committed lawyer volunteers and a robust technological backbone, the hotline helps resolve up to 1,000 everyday legal problems each month that might not otherwise be addressed.

The virtual 7K race gives you tons of flexibility for training and completing the distance. There’s lots of time to train over the summer. Then, you and your teammates can do the race together along the route of your choice anytime during the race period of Sept. 8-23, 2018. It’s that easy!

Lawyers, judges, supporters of justice: Get a team together. Plan a route. Raise some money. Have some fun on the run. Share your fun pics of the event. Get yourself a groovy medal. That’s all there is to it!

To register a team or individually visit the Race Roster registration page.

Get ongoing details, route suggestions, updates on the race and share photos with us on the Run for Justice Facebook page

Follow us on Twitter @runforjustice7k

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