Goals for fall and beyond

Another race done and dusted! The 2019 Irongirl was my ninth race of the year and second sprint triathlon ever. It’s been quite the summer so far with non-stop training, racing, and volunteering at races. I even got “promoted” to run crew leader at MEC North York so now I’m co-leading our long runs on Saturday mornings. Who would have thought? Certainly not me.

My next big race is the Ottawa Army Run*. We signed up for the Commanders Challenge, which is a 5k and half marathon back-to-back. I signed up for this race partly because Anshul (fellow RLM ambassador) highly recommended it, the bling looks amazing, my bestie Lisa agreed to do it with me, and we are carpooling with Anshul! Road trip, anyone??

When I signed up, training with a coach wasn’t really on my radar. But since I got a coach in May, we decided to use the Army Run as my fall goal race. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon in a few years, but I’m currently training toward a faster half first. My goal is to get a personal best but I just heard that this race has rolling hills so now I’m not so sure if I can PB because my current PB was on a flat course. ???

My training plan has been pretty intense but it’s also been fun to follow each workout, especially the interval workouts where I have to hit a specific pace. Also, I’m running 60-90 km a week which is the highest mileage I’ve ever done. Woot!

Now it’s time to think about next year’s race plan. I’ve already signed up for the Disney Dopey Challenge in January 2020. This race has been on my bucket list for a while and I’m so glad that there are four of us going together.

In case you aren’t familiar, the Dopey Challenge is four consecutive days of racing: a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon. Our plan is to do our PW (personal worst) because we want to take all the photos with the characters and hopefully ride a ride during the marathon! It’s going to be epic.

After Dopey, I’m thinking of training for a spring marathon. I don’t want to do the Toronto Marathon again so maybe Mississauga. Vancouver is also an option. ???

For next summer, I’m thinking of doing the Muskoka 70.3 which is a 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, and a half marathon. Just typing that out kind of scares me. My goal would just be to finish. It will probably take me seven or eight hours . . . a whole work day!! ???

Then maybe a fall marathon in preparation for my first BQ attempt in 2021. I heard that Road 2 Hope is the best marathon in this area to BQ because it’s flat. Might be a good idea to have experience running that race. The other possibility is to run the Chicago marathon in the fall if I get in through the lottery. We will also be entering the lottery for all of the world majors so if I get into any of them, I’m going to go for it!

Racing is so much fun! What races will you sign up for next year???

* The RLM team will have a booth at the Army Run Expo again this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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