Kiki’s holiday gift guide for the running monkeys in your life

Our golden monkey Kiki gets around and covers a lot of kilometres over the course of the year. She understands what women runners like, want, and need. So this year, she’s putting all that knowledge to good use and has created a holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect items for all the running monkeys in your life! Most of these items can be found at your local running store so give them your support.


Run Little Monkey gear

Run like a girl hoodieOf course at the top of Kiki’s list is our very own bamboo-blend activewear. Designed and being refined in Toronto, RLM gear is luxuriously soft, durable, naturally anti-microbial, temperature regulating, made to fit a woman’s body and cute! Kiki is, literally, all over the Ts, tanks, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts and headgear. Everything in our store is under $50. Keep your eyes peeled for special deals during December.


Aftershokz Trekz Air headphones

Aftershokz Trek headphonesAftershokz Trekz Air wireless headphones conduct sound through your cheekbones, leaving your ears unobstructed so you’re still aware of your surroundings. Safety first!  Also the newest iteration of these headphones has apparently resolved some of the sound issues from older versions and they’re also quite a bit lighter.


Balega socks

Balega socksBalega’s socks get top ratings from runners of every type. Whether you’re looking for blister resistant, odour-eating, super thin, extra cushion, arch support, or anything else, you’re bound to find one of these South African-designed socks to your liking.


Caterpy laces

Caterpy lacesCaterpy laces do not move when you run! Anyway, who wants to mess around with tying knots and double knots and then, even worse, trying to undo them when you’re tired and sweaty. These laces make life easy and they come in a variety of super bright colours.



Goodr sunglasses

Goodr sunglassesGoodr sunglasses are fun, great for running, come in a whack of colours and designs and they have superb names like “Orange you glad we didn’t say banana?” which, you know, appeals to Kiki. Oh and they are also reasonably priced.




MobotIs it a water bottle or a foam roller? Why Mobot is both. They come in 3 sizes and you can use them for both hydrating and muscle maintenance. Take a drink, do a little rolling. One small item fits easily in your gym bag. Boom!



Rockin Green detergent

Rocking Green Active Wear detergentRockin Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent is environmentally friendly and cleans all the dirt and much of the stink out of your polyester running gear. Leaves nothing but the scent of tea tree oil and is vegan. Maybe a weird gift, but it will likely be greatly appreciated!




Huma energy gels

Huma energy gel

Huma gels are tasty, all-natural and made of real fruit. They have regular and energy (ie: full o’ caffeine) versions which are all vegan and gluten free. Get them in all the yummy flavours – some even have bananas so you can imagine where Kiki’s preferences lie!



Canadian Running Magazine

Canadian RunningGet a subscription for you and your running buddy because it’s Canadian and now more than ever, it’s vital to support our local publications so they can continue to provide us with unique news, tips, and viewpoints that reflect this country and its runners.





Headsweats running caps

Orange Run Little Monkey cap from Headsweats

The RLM team loves them so much we had to have them customized for us. They’re the best, the lightest, the wickingest (Kiki is sure that’s a word). There’s many colours and designs out there. Get one on your noggin.




Brûlée Bakery Co.

Because delicious! This local Toronto baker’s shortbread cookies are melt-in-your-mouth goodness for someone who deserves a rich and delicious treat. If you’re in Toronto, their baked goods are in many cafes, but you’ll also find them at local markets like the Trinity Bellwoods Flea.




No promotional or other considerations were provided to RLM for inclusion in this guide.

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