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We know that not everyone is ready to or wants to run a marathon, half-marathon or even a 10K. They just want to get out and be active but are overwhelmed or intimidated by joining a running club or training groups at local running shops.

We’ve heard many stories of women, in particular, going to one or two run meetups but feeling left behind or not good enough. This feeling can put the kibosh on well intentioned plans of becoming more active and even of becoming a more competitive runner down the road.

Sometimes, it’s not just about preparing for a big race or becoming faster but more about having some social interaction in a supportive and active environment.

Thus, in our efforts to be ego-friendly at Run Little Monkey, we’re launching our own run/walk/jog/roll group: the Move Your Tail Crew. We won’t be attacking set distances but will endeavour to be active for set periods of time at least once a week in a friendly and supportive environment.

To start with, we’ll meet up on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm in various parts of east end Toronto and will locomote for 30 minutes. The first meeting will be July 3 at the Woodbine bathing station at Ashbridge’s Bay. So come on out, get moving, and get social.

We’ll see how it goes after the first few weeks and adjust the length of time, meeting places, and more so we can have some fun together, get some activity in, and explore Toronto a bit. You never know where things lead once you get started.

Looking forward to seeing you and building a fun and supportive crew together.

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