Our fabulous fabrics

At Run Little Monkey, we use natural fibre-based fabrics to create top quality gear for active women who want to feel comfortable and confident while getting sweaty (or just kicking back or working from home as well!).  Our socially conscious apparel promotes sustainability and our products reflect our care and efforts to be part of the “buy less but buy better" economy.

Run Little Monkey's fabulous fabrics


Bamboo, what can we say? It’s awesome. Mix that up with some super soft cotton and a little elastane and you’ve got a silky soft, super comfy fabric that feels fabulous against your skin.

Our bamboo-blend fabric is durable – getting softer with every wash, pre-shrunk, and the won’t colour fade.

The unique qualities of our cotton • rayon from bamboo • spandex/elastane fabrics are:

  • Moisture wicking that keeps you dry by drawing sweat away from your skin.
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, which helps keeps your shirt pretty stink free (but you do still need to wash it!)
  • 50+ UPF (ultra-violet protection factor) of the fabric helps protect delicate skin against UV rays.
  • Too cool for school: bamboo fabric stays around 2 degrees cooler in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold.
  • Supremely soft against the skin, light, and durable.
  • Bamboo trees are sustainable, require little irrigation and no pesticides or fertilizer and are biodegradable.

Care instructions:

  • Machine wash
  • No bleach
  • Best to hang dry but you can put in dryer on low
  • Don’t iron the decorations
Why bamboo


Hemp has been called the sustainable wonder crop and we love it for its strength and versatility. It’s also been used for clothing for centuries. Combined with organic cotton, our hemp fabrics are durable and comfortable.

  • Grows like a weed: Hemp grows in almost any condition without the need for chemicals and pesticides. It is a renewable resource that can be cultivated in as little as 100 days.
  • So green: Hemp can produce 250% more fibre than cotton and uses half the amount of water than cotton to thrive. And it’s biodegradable
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin.
  • It breathes well. It is recommended for warm, humid climates as the fabric resists mildew and absorbs moisture.
  • Natural UV resistance provides protection for your skin from the sun
  • Gets softer with use
  • So strong: Hemp is one of the strongest fibres around and four times stronger than wool or cotton.
  • Holds dyes and colour amazingly well for years without fading.

Care instructions

  • Machine wash
  • No bleach
  • Hang dry or toss in the dryer
  • Don’t iron the decorations

Why hemp

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has all the benefits of standard cotton without the serious downfalls.

  • It’s super soft and lasts wash after wash.
  • Organic cotton is pesticide free and better for the earth because organic cotton farming builds organic soil matter through crop rotation, intercropping and composting as well as the physical (not chemical) removal of weeds.
  • Relies on grey water and water recycling to conserve fresh water and use water more efficiently. An American Soil Association report from 2013-2014 notes organic production of cotton reduced fresh water consumption by 91%, saving the equivalent of nearly 95,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools of fresh water compared to non-organic production.
  • Genetic diversity of crops and no genetically-modified seeds used.
  • Growing organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gases than non-organic production.

 Care instructions

  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Wash with similar colours
  • No bleach
  • Dry on low or better yet hang to dry
  • Use cool iron on reverse side if needed – do not iron the decorations