The Finish Line 🏅

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Run Little Monkey.

I started this business five years ago to create high-quality athletic gear that fit women in all the right places, giving them confidence in their athletic endeavours. It was a passion project that connected me with hundreds of women (and men) in the running world. My foray into entrepreneurship taught me a lot, and provided many opportunities to link up with other Canadians building their small businesses.

Like many others, COVID hit my one-woman show hard as events were cancelled and I could no longer to sell in person. Touching the monkey gear was such an integral part of getting customers to try out the bamboo shirts — you can’t do that with e-commerce.

Another pillar of Run Little Monkey was being able to offer incredibly soft and durable shirts at a very reasonable price. I wanted as many people as possible to be able to afford the luxurious softness of our gear. But ongoing supply problems and increasing transportation costs would have resulted in having to almost double the price of our clothing. Run Little Monkey is about fun and support for everyone. It was never supposed to be a "luxury" brand.

It's been an incredible run but now it's time I cross that proverbial finish line.

I appreciate the support and community spirit of all the amazing runners and customers I’ve encountered over the last few years. I've learned so much and greatly expanded my horizons.

As I wind down, there’s obviously going to be a sale! Everything at will be 40%-70% off. As I like to say, get some of our fabulous gear on your gorgeous bod before it’s all gone.

Keep on moving your tails!

Gail J. Cohen
Head of Monkey Business

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