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Taco Tuesday: I used to be for tacos but now I’m for nachos

We eat tacos a lot but sometimes you just have an excess of tortillas that you just can’t eat before they dry up and are just not great for tacos (read: break into bits before your first bite, so your taco filling gets everywhere!). So… what to do with all those tortillas? Make them into chips, of course! And then take those chips and make a big ol’ pile of nachos. Here’s some options: vegan and non! Let’s make some chippies: Take whatever tortillas you have but keep in mind you need probably 6 tortillas to make enough chips for a robust helping of nachos. So govern yourself accordingly. Cutting tortillas for nachos Pre heat your oven to 350F. Line...

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Taco Tuesday: Potato-chorizo tacos

These tacos are popular and fast to prepare. Also, super filling and muy delicioso! You can also use soy/vegan chorizo to make this whole dish vegan. It’s all about the deep flavours and smokiness of the chorizo that makes this dish. Serves 3-4 Ingredients: 2-3 potatoes, diced 1 onion, diced 1 lb chorizo 1 small tomato, diced 1 tbsp oil Salt and pepper to taste 8-10 flour or corn tortillas Instructions: Put the diced potatoes into a microwave safe dish with a few tablespoons of water. Cover with plastic wrap and poke a couple of holes into it. Microwave the potatoes for about 3 to 4 minutes until they are slightly soft (basically you are par-boiling them). Remove from microwave...

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Taco Tuesday takes off with Mushroom Tacos

The Run Little Monkey team loves running for sure but we are also great lovers of the beautiful taco and of coming up with new and fun types of tacos. So for the summer, we're going to offer up a new taco recipe for you every Tuesday. Our first is a vegan mushroom taco. It's super fast and so delicious. Hope you enjoy them and definitely let us know if you make any. Pix always welcome. Mushroom tacos Serves 3-4 Ingredients 500-600 grams of mushrooms. Preferably not button mushrooms as they lose a lot of their structure when cooked. 1 yellow onion 1 red/orange/yellow pepper 1-2 dried chipotle chiles or chipotle in adobo sauce 1 tsp dried Mexican oregano 1...

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