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Race routines for the perfect race

Race season is upon us and, once again, I’ve signed up for way too many races this year. It’s only April and I have already done my first 3 races of 2019 over 3 consecutive weekends. You can read about my race reports (ATB30K, Spring Run-Off 8k, and NYC Shape Half) over on my blog. Each time I do a race, I try to learn from it so I can be more prepared for the next race. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past couple of years. I hope this will be helpful! Leave a comment if you have any other tips! A few days before your race: Start carbo loading but don’t go overboard; Drink lots of water; Try...

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You can call it a comeback

Oh hi. Remember me? I had started out as the Run Little Monkey run ambassador. I had a triumphant (though painful) finish at the London Royal Parks Half Marathon. And then I. Didn’t. Do. Anything. I was having lots of arch pain. Then I got scheduled for a totally unrelated surgery. Then I was mostly bedridden. Then it was April and I got the all clear to do whatever I wanted. With one change. On top of everything, I have Fatty Liver Disease. How does one treat not yet serious but still there Fatty Liver Disease? You exercise. You eat healthfully. You drink green tea. I’ll be honest here. I wanted to get back into running. The mental clarity, the...

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Race Recap: the Royal Parks Half Marathon (London, U.K.)  

Alright, first things first. The run was glorious. The weather was warm (a little too warm at times because it was so sunny). And the energy was great. As I mentioned before, I have been nursing an injury and I really wanted to complete this run. I set a “goal” of under 3:15 – but my real goal was to come in under 3:00. But let me back up… We arrived in London on Friday morning. Run was Sunday. The hotel we stayed in had an amazing bathtub which meant the epsom salts I brought were going to be used up! We did quite a bit of walking around and my hip was throbbing. Really painful. My foot was just...

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