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Less time in the kitchen – more time to run

or·gan·i·za·tion (n): the action of organizing something With having such a busy schedule, a 2-plus-hour commute and training for a half marathon, I need to stay organized. Planning my weekly groceries and meal prepping is a part of my routine and our household doesn’t function well without it. I also like to keep a tight grocery budget and keep our food waste to a minimum. All these steps keep me fueled, on track and on budget. A little back story about meal prep and why it’s important to me: When asked what type of “diet” I follow, I usually cringe. I spent my teenage years obsessing over calories and macronutrients, weighing and measuring everything I would consume. I sacrificed a...

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Race routines for the perfect race

Race season is upon us and, once again, I’ve signed up for way too many races this year. It’s only April and I have already done my first 3 races of 2019 over 3 consecutive weekends. You can read about my race reports (ATB30K, Spring Run-Off 8k, and NYC Shape Half) over on my blog. Each time I do a race, I try to learn from it so I can be more prepared for the next race. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past couple of years. I hope this will be helpful! Leave a comment if you have any other tips! A few days before your race: Start carbo loading but don’t go overboard; Drink lots of water; Try...

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