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Meet the brand ambassadors: |Anshul Panday|

Where do you live? Toronto. What are your running goals for 2019? I’ve always felt it is important to cast a wide net in order to catch a lot of fish. In terms of running goals, by the end of 2019 I would like to run a half marathon in under two hours and run a marathon in under four and a half hours. I have also tended to fall and hurt myself during my runs, so my secondary goal for 2019 is to be more careful so I can toss my metaphorical helmet and training wheels into the garbage right next to the bones of all the fish goals I’ve accomplished in my wide net of goals for 2019....

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Kiki’s holiday gift guide for the running monkeys in your life

Our golden monkey Kiki gets around and covers a lot of kilometres over the course of the year. She understands what women runners like, want, and need. So this year, she's putting all that knowledge to good use and has created a holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect items for all the running monkeys in your life! Most of these items can be found at your local running store so give them your support. Run Little Monkey gear Of course at the top of Kiki's list is our very own bamboo-blend activewear. Designed and being refined in Toronto, RLM gear is luxuriously soft, durable, naturally anti-microbial, temperature regulating, made to fit a woman's body and cute! Kiki...

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RLM is proud to support access to justice with a virtual run fundraiser

Before life as Head of Monkey Business at Run Little Monkey, our company's founder Gail Cohen spent most of her life as a journalist covering the legal profession and the justice system in Canada. As such, she had a front-row seat to some of the extreme difficulty average, and particularly low-income, Canadians have not only knowing the law and their rights but having access to justice of any kind. When looking to launch our first Run Little Monkey fundraising virtual run, it was a no-brainer then to connect with a charity or non-profit that provided access to justice. So we have parntered with Pro Bono Ontario for the inaugural Run For Justice Virtual 7K race to raise money for PBO’s...

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