Beach babes in bamboo

Toronto experienced its first weekend all summer without any rain so it was totally perfect for the annual Beaches Jazz Run. We arrived to set up just as the sun was rising over the Leuty Lifeguard Station (so of course, there's the obligatory soft light photo!) We set up our booth under a large tree right by the boardwalk: there's probably no prettier place to introduce runners to your products.

As runners started arriving for the 7 a.m. half marathon start, the weather started getting a bit hotter but everyone was in a great mood and the runs all went smoothly. Run Little Monkey ambassador Jenn ran the 10K and shaved a good few minutes off her previous times for this year so despite the heat, the race goddesses were good to her! All that sticky heat meant a live, in-person report to new customers about the fabulous wicking qualities of our bamboo-cotton-elastane shirts. Most importantly: sweat wicks away so you don't feel you're running in a soaking wet shirt!! Woo hoo.

Once again, it was great to introduce our products to a whole new group of runners. Special shout out to our friend from California who was thrilled to get a monkey shirt that no one else in town was likely to have!

Keep on running! And if you've bought one of our shirts, please send us some feedback at We love to hear from you.

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