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Welcome to runlittlemonkey.ca v 2.0

Today we’re launching our new website with a cleaner, modern feel. Kiki and the Run Little Monkey team have been running on the same website (with some tinkering here and there) since we launched in 2017. It was time for a new look.

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Pride and identity

It’s me, Gail, the Head of Monkey Business. This month is Pride and I have been inspired by a recent post from @chefmelissaking talking about self-identity. It got me to thinking (prepare yourselves, this might run long). I call myself an African-Canadian Jewish Lesbian. But what does such a label mean? Does it really tell you who I am? Labels can be important. Identity is important. Tribe is important. But the reality is I am what I am and I don’t think it can be easily defined by labels. I’ve never been part of a tribe. For most of my life I was (and am) a journalist. A truth seeker. A story teller. An observer. Rarely a participant. Usually behind...

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Pride month giveaway

Run Little Monkey is giving away 5 of our handpainted Rainbow Runner bamboo tech shirts to celebrate Pride Month. (You don't have to run in them but you'll be love sweating in them if you do!) Three easy steps to enter: 1. Follow us on Instagram 2. Like one of our Instagram posts. 3. Sign up for our newsletter here. We'll name the winners on Instagram on June 20th! As an LGBTQ-owned business, it's important to us to be as inclusive as we can and promote an active lifestyle for everyone and to have fun doing it!

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Sometimes it's hard to get your tail moving!

Some days it’s not getting yourself out there to run that’s the hard part, it’s getting through the first kilometre (or mile, if that’s how you roll!). So Kiki asked some women runners what their tricks are to get past the mental block of just getting their tails moving! Here’s a few of the things they had to say. If you’ve got other thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear about them in the comments. Accept that the first km/mile is the hardest and remind yourself that all you need to do is start slow and steady and enjoy the run because you'll feel great when you're done. (Definitely the #1 with many people having a version of what Kiki...

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Rethinking those safe social distances

In these Covid-19 times, outdoor exercise is still OK in many places so walking, biking, and running are welcome activities. However, a new European study shows it is important to avoid each other's slipstream when doing these activities. This info is the result of a study by engineers and aerodynamicists at KU Leuven in Belgium and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. We’ve typically been told that appropriate and effective social distancing is 1 to 2 metres, but that’s really only effective when you are standing still inside or with minimal wind outside. But going for a walk, run, or bike ride you should be more careful. When someone breathes, sneezes, or coughs during a run, those particles remain...

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